Environmental Policy


Faversham House is committed to conducting business with integrity, responsibility and respect for the interests of all affected by our activities. We believe that we should continually improve our environmental performance, promote environmental responsibility across all levels of the business and, of course, ensure compliance with all relevant environmental legislation and regulations.  


Our environmental goals act to protect our business from increasing climate risk, embed sustainability across our workforce and preserve the planet’s resources. 


Our environmental policy focuses on our direct operations within our office space. This is where we have the greatest ability to take action, influence positive change and reduce impact. The following aspects are included: 

  • Direct and shared service energy consumption 
  • Water consumption 
  • Waste disposal 
  • Scope 1-3 carbon emissions associated with energy, water and waste. 


Our environmental targets will be used to hold ourselves accountable and measure our progress. We have committed to the following targets: 

  • Monitor and record energy, water and waste impacts by collecting high-quality primary data 
  • Reduce direct electricity and water consumption per person by 2% annually from a 2022 baseline year  
  • Reduce operational Scope 1-3 carbon emissions per person by 2% annually from a 2022 baseline year 
  • Ensure our facilities are served by 100% renewable electricity 
  • Continue to divert 100% of waste from landfill 
  • Responsibly dispose of electrical waste and batteries and donate used IT equipment. 
  • Comply with all relevant environmental legislation 


We will ensure this policy is implemented by: 


  • Ensuring all our people understand the environmental impacts of their own jobs 
  • Encouraging all relevant suppliers, contractors and sub-contractors to comply with this policy when providing goods and services 
  • Annually reviewing the environmental issues at the highest level within the organisation 
  • Reviewing this policy and its effectiveness on an annual basis 
  • Completion of the B Corp Impact Assessment, certification and publication  
  • Giving all people within our business responsibility for meeting the company policy in their areas of work and in their daily office activities. We will raise awareness of environmental issues on a regular basis. 


We will ensure that continuous improvement occurs by: 

  • Periodically reviewing our Environmental Policy and practices in order to improve operational and environmental performance. 
  • Learning from best practice examples of environmental management and being responsive to community issues 
  • Promoting a culture in which all people within our business share this commitment. 


Our Chief Executive Officer is ultimately responsible for ensuring these goals are achieved. All levels of the business will be engaged to support this effort. 


Our policy and targets will be reviewed on an annual basis to ensure they are matching our ambition and environmental objectives.